GDP Air/Sea/Road

The online format is intended as a rational guide for study - useful for the user to approach the obvious and non-obvious difficulties of the subject matter for conceptual complexity, terminology and semantics of the same.
The online format a useful road map helpful for the study of those users objective is user productivity and of the class.
The GDP Air/Sea/Road course has a duration of 2 hours and is mainly aimed at companies that want to attain IATA CEIV (Center of Excellence Independent Validators) certification.
The certification is addressed to the pharmaceutical transport environment.
The course is also addressed to all companies that intend to be suppliers to certified companies that require the formation and training of employees handling and transport of Thermosensitive Pharmaceutical Products.
On completion of the training course, the trainee must complete a final 20 question form with defined answers aimed at validation of the training effectiveness applied and relative learning.
With a final result of 80 percent and over of correct answers, the user can download a certificate of participation valid for 3 years directly from the portal website.

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Our Experience

The MdG Academy was founded by Marco Del Giudice operating in the logistics field since 1989 with proven experience in numerous logistics companies.

Currently, an IATA Validator for the CEIV project, Marco has made significant contributions in the realisation of educational material for the use of multiple new needs for the logistics industry.

E-Learning Training

The applicable model is by self-learning: training participation is mostly individual and allows a personal approach to the online educational material, with a choice of course planning left down to the participant trainee.