Basic functions of the SenseAnywhere cloud platform

The Temperature Monitoring Online System training - Basic functions of the SenseAnywhere cloud platform is addressed to companies that have purchased the SenseAnywhere temperature monitoring system, especially those companies that intend to achieve the IATA Pharma CEIV Certification (Center of Excellence Independent Validators) or comply with the GDP (Good Distribution Practices of medicinal products for human use), such guidelines are requiring an adequate training of the personnel who will directly use the system.
The course aims to illustrate, through the use of special slides, the main functions that this specific monitoring system in the Cloud is able to offer: the modules cover all aspects related to the total management of the devices associated with an account.
At the end of the course the user will be able, in complete autonomy, to have total control of the devices, to configure specific alarms and set weekly or monthly reports, adapting the platform to his own needs.

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Our Experience

The MdG Academy was founded by Marco Del Giudice operating in the logistics field since 1989 with proven experience in numerous logistics companies.

Currently, an IATA Validator for the CEIV project, Marco has made significant contributions in the realisation of educational material for the use of multiple new needs for the logistics industry.

E-Learning Training

The applicable model is by self-learning: training participation is mostly individual and allows a personal approach to the online educational material, with a choice of course planning left down to the participant trainee.